Debt drives the world. Our economy is based on spending which leads to debt. If we must spend to keep the economy going then we must take on more dept. Until the bail outs and socialist policies stop, I would not pay off any more debt period.

Let this website guide you through the ins and outs of debt and how to avoid it, settle it, and just flat out make your bitch instead of the other way around.

Learn real techniques from a highly experienced collector and habitual debtor. With these qualifications I can and do get blood from all garden veggies. Know how to beat me and take your life back.

If you are going through a short sale learn from a short sale processor and negotiator that currently works at a large national bank. Short sales in many cases do not cancel all debt.

Working on a loan modification? The knowledge within is compiled by committee from several employees who work at both private and government backed firms.


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